May14, 2023

Commemorating 75 Years of Nakba

On May 15th for the last 75 years, Palestinians and their allies around the world commemorate
the Nakba. 75 years ago Zionist terrorist organizations led by David Ben-Gurion, Menachem
Begin, Yitzhak Shamir, Shimon Peres, Ariel Sharon, and others who all became Prime Ministers
of the Apartheid state. Those terrorist organizations before they all join together to become the “
Israel Defense Forces” as it is known today destroyed 530 Palestinian villages, committed many
massacres like Deir Yassin on April 9th

, 1948 were 253 Palestinians were killed, and ethnically
cleansed 750,000 Palestinian from their homes to become refugees. Those refugees now are over
6.5 million living in 58 refugee camps in the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. It is
longest refugee crises in the world. Israel on the other hand, extends the right of return to any
Jewish person around the world without any ties to the land, while it deprives any Palestinian
refugee from returning to their homes they were forced to leave on the hands of the Zionist
terrorist organizations.
As the world watches Israel attacking Gaza since Tuesday May 9th using American made fighter
jets and weapons (paid for by our tax money) to assassinate Palestinian leaders and their wives
and children while asleep. As of today 33 Palestinians have been assassinated among them 6
children, 3 women, over 200 injured and countless displaced. The ceasefire brokered by Egypt
last night may have stopped the bombs raining on Gaza, however the situation still very tense.
With that said, the Nakba continues day after day until now for Palestinians living in Gaza, the
West Bank and Jerusalem. Israeli government destroys Palestinian homes in Jerusalem and the
West Bank, confiscate Palestinian land to build more illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian
land. The United Nations including the United States consider these settlements illegal. It is
about time the United States fulfills its obligations under the International law to force Israel to
stop building and expanding these settlement, end the occupation instead of sending $3.8 billion
annually to maintain an illegal occupation.
It is about time, the world stand for justice, human rights and freedom for the Palestinian people
like all other peoples of the world. It is time the world get together to end the Israeli occupation,
allow Palestinian refugees to return to their homes they were forced out of and let them exercise
their right to self- determination. It is time the United States stops arming Israel to kill innocent
Palestinians. It is time United States stops sending our money to maintain an illegal occupation!

End The Israeli Occupation and Free, Free Palestine!

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