May 9, 2023

Statement on Israeli War Crimes on Gaza and Nablus

Last night, Israel used 40 American made fighter jets to attack Gaza, killing 15 people while
asleep, among them 5 women and 4 children and injuring over 20 people. Today the Israeli
occupying forces raided the city of Nablus for the second day killing 4 Palestinians, destroying
properties and threatening the lives of many innocent people without any provocation.
We at the Palestinian American Organizations Network (PAON), on behalf of our 27
member organizations and our community at large in the United States, unequivocally
condemn the ongoing brutal attacks by the Israeli Occupation Forces on Gaza and the
occupied West Bank. We demand that the Biden Administration pressure Israel to stop
these attacks before the entire region engulfed in war.
Israel and Israel alone bear the responsibility for these war crimes, violations of Human Right
and International laws that call on the occupying force to protect the people it occupies. The
Western countries and the United States in particular have been watching these killings for 75
years and are doing nothing to stop it. On the contrary, The United States sends $3.8 billion a
year of our tax money and weaponry to maintain the illegal occupation.
May 15th will mark the 75th anniversary of Nakba “catastrophe”, where Israel terrorist
organizations destroyed over 500 Palestinian villages and ethnically cleansed 750,000
Palestinian from their homes to become refugees. Those refugees are now 6.5 million living in
58 refugee camps in the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria and not allowed to return
to their homeland. While the United States and European Union welcomed the Ukrainian
refugees with open arms, arming the Ukrainian government to the teeth to fight Russia, and
providing hundreds of billions of dollars in aid, they are turning a blind eye to the Palestinian
refugees because it involves Israel!
It is about time, the world stand for justice, human rights and freedom for the Palestinian people
like all other peoples of the world. It is time the United States stops arming Israel to kill innocent
Palestinians. It is time United States stops wasting our money sending Israel $3.8 billion and
spend it here to benefit the poor and needy Americans!

Stand up for what is right America. SPEAK UP!
End The Israeli Occupation and Free, Free Palestine!

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