August 18, 2022

      We condemn Israeli attack and Closure of 6 Human Rights Palestinian Organizations. We call for an immediate reopening of the 6 organizations’ offices and returning their stolen equipment.

The Palestinian American Organizations Network (PAON), unequivocally condamnes the brutal attacks and closures of six human rights Palestinian organizations by the Israeli military occupation. This is the second time Israeli forces raid, close the offices, steal their equipment, and arresting the leadership of these same organizations in less than two years without any proof of any illegal activities.  Since its inception, Israel has violated the human rights of every Palestinians. The attack on the human rights Palestinian agencies are just another example of how Israel uses severe impunity, lethal force, and illegal colonialism to quell and silence the critics of its apartheid practices.


The agencies they targeted are threat to Israel’s false narrative. Like many international human rights agencies, the targeted Palestinian agencies are documenting facts on the ground and are chronicling the daily abuses used by Israel against an occupied Palestinian population. Israel is afraid of the overwhelming evidence gathered by these agencies.  These respected agencies provide proofs of an apartheid system intentionally instituted against the Palestinian people. According to many human rights agencies, Israeli laws and military occupation meets the UN definition of apartheid.


Chief among these documented violations are the:

  • Forcible transfer of Palestinians to make way for illegal Israeli settlements.
  • Preventing of the Palestinian people from returning to their homes and lands (including millions of refugees living in exile since 1948).
  • Systematic and severe deprivation of fundamental human rights of Palestinians based on their identity.
  • Denying Palestinians their right to freedom of movement and residence.
  • Murder, torture, unlawful imprisonment and other severe deprivation of physical liberty of the Palestinian people.
  • Persecution of Palestinians because of their opposition to apartheid.

The accusations levied against these agencies are propaganda and psychological warfare done purposely to stop the documentation of the truths and facts on the ground.

We call on the United Nations, President Biden, Congressional leaders, and International human rights organizations, to pressure Israel to put an end to their criminal and inhumane treatment of the Palestinians in Palestine. We call on members of the free media to report the Israeli illegal treatment of the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine.

These latest illegal activities escalate and further the repression of the Palestinian people. It empowers Israel’s illegal activities. The Palestinian people have the rights to live freely in their indigence homeland. The time has come for people of good will to stand against Israel’s apartheid regime.  Freedom and liberty are the inherit rights of every human being, especially the indigenous people, including the Palestinians.

We call on our community members and all freedom loving people in the United States to call your members of Congress to pressure Israel to reopen the six offices, return their stolen equipment, and to release all detainees.





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