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The Palestinian American Organizations Network (PAON) in the United States condemns the intentional attacks and provocations by illegal Israeli settlers and the colonial Israeli Armed Forces who stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque during the blessed month of Ramadan.


These attacks on worshipers are continuation of intentional harassment of Palestinian Muslims who wants to pray in the sacred Al-Aqsa Mosque. The latest attack is in violation of   Geneva Convention and is in violation of the rights of people who live under foreign occupation. Like all human beings, the indigenous Palestinians have their alienable rights to pray in their place of worship.


PAON also condemns the latest assault and injuries of more than 150 people during this latest attack. Further, the PAON denounces the cold-blooded killing of more than forty unarmed indigenous Palestinians by the Israeli colonial forces since the beginning of the year.  According to several human rights agencies these attacks are unjustified and are intentionally done to provoke and escalate tension in the Palestinian territories.  These and many more daily human rights violations are systematically imposed on Palestinians to ethnically cleanse from their homeland.


We demand the Israeli colonial army stop its barbaric aggression against our people and to stop the cold-blooded killings of innocent Palestinian people.  We also call on the international community, to protect the Palestinian civilians from collective punishments.  We must stop the double standards applied against the Palestinian people and their cause of freedom and independence.


We salute our Palestinian people heroic stance defending their land and holy places.


We call on all our member organizations and community in the United States to organize all kinds of protests and writings to their congressional delegations.


PAON is a network representing 31 Palestinian American organizations in the US.


Long live Palestine.



Palestinian American Organizations Network

April 15, 2022   

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