January 26, 2023


The Palestinian American Organisation Network (PAON), strongly condemn the apartheid colonial Israel for its continued attacks on the Palestinian refugee camp in Jenin. Their action today, January 26, 2023 resulted in a massacre that took the lives of nine (9) unarmed people and scores of injured and property destruction.

We call on the Biden Administration who is protecting Israel’s actions by continuing to send military and economic support to Israel, while the American People are suffering from high prices, crumbling infrastructure and gun violence, to pressure Israel to stop the killings and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.

The situation on the ground in the occupied West Bank reached the tipping point since the new fascist Netanyahu government came to power. Killings, arrests, provoked visits to AL-Aqsa mosque by minister Bengvier and the ultra right wing settlers, uprooting olive groves, and the decision to remove 240 people in Khan Alahmer to make way to build illegal Jewish settlements on that land.

We stand in solidarity with our Palestinian people in Jenin camp and elsewhere in their struggle for their right to return to their homeland, self-Determination and independent state like all peoples of the world.

End the Israeli Occupation

Free Palestine





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